Goede start Mike Toorop

Naar de eerste dag van het Qatar Open Professional Qualifying Tournament 2019, kent Mike Toorop een goede start, met...... Lees meer

Dechambeau wint Omega Dubai Desert Classic

Bryson pakt de overwinning op de Emirates Golf Club. In het weekend won Bryson zijn eerste European Tour overwinning in stijl op de Omega Dubai......Lees meer

Pro Tours weekoverzicht

Europese Tour: Sicilian Open van 10 t/m 13 mei op Verdura GC, met Maarten......Lees meer



Golf Demodagen 2017

Opzoek naar nieuwe ijzers of houten, dan kun je naar de golfshops in de regio om diverse...... Lees meer





Top 15 Golfbanen

Een selectie van de top 15 golfbanen in Nederland:

1.Noordwijkse Golfclub - Baaninfo
2.Kennemer Golf & Country Club - Baaninfo
3. Utrechtse Golfclub `de Pan` - Baaninfo
4.Eindhovensche Golf - Baaninfo
5.Koninklijke Haagsche Golf & Country Club - Baaninfo
6.Hilversumsche Golf Club - Baaninfo
7.Rosendaelsche Golfclub - Baaninfo
8.Golf- & Countryclub Geijsteren - Baaninfo
9.Sallandsche Golfclub `De Hoek` - Baaninfo
10.Golfclub Zeewolde - Baaninfo
11.Drentsche Golf & Country Club - Baaninfo
12.Drentse Golfclub `De Gelpenberg` - Baaninfo
13.Golfclub Broekpolder - Baaninfo
14.Golfsociteit De Lage Vuursche - Baaninfo
15.Dutch Golf Putten - Baaninfo


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EuropeanTour: Allez, Victor! 🇫🇷 @Vdubush #CzechMasters https://t.co/n5MskFBv7B

Challenge_Tour: The movers and shakers so far on day three 👇 🇩🇪 -4 Foos 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -3 Mansell 🇸🇪 -3 Glennemo 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 -3 Porteous… https://t.co/axUAURBbSz

Challenge_Tour: The leading men's groups 👇 #WorldInvitational

Challenge_Tour: Just over an hour to go until the afternoon wave begins 🌊 #WorldInvitational

Challenge_Tour: There's an added incentive for the Irish players this weekend 💷 #WorldInvitational

wbesseling1: Great drill to get the club in front of the body to get more neutral. Getting ready for next week #rolextrophy in G… https://t.co/9JtJuipISZ

Challenge_Tour: RT @leona_maguire: Great few days at the @World_Inv_Golf at @GalgormCastle. Excited for the weekend. 🙌🏼 https://t.co/FnmE3sij0K

Challenge_Tour: 🏌️‍♀️ Local star 📈 In-form Scot 👧 Awesome amateur #WorldInvitational

EuropeanTour: #EnterpriseExperiences Don’t forget to enter for a chance to play in the Porsche European Open Pro-Am with @UKEnterprise! Enter here 👇

Challenge_Tour: It's ⏰ for the weekend at @GalgormCastle ⬇️Follow along for live scoring to see how the action unfolds⬇️ #WorldInvitational

Challenge_Tour: Second round leader @golfclements takes a one-stroke advantage into the third round of the #WorldInvitational, whil… https://t.co/POqa4TBhXR

EuropeanTour: Don't worry Julian, we got it 🎥🤣 @DubaiDutyFree #FullOfSurprises https://t.co/8dwwNIx0Ko

EuropeanTour: Driver off the deck goals 🤤 @thomasbjorngolf #CzechMasters https://t.co/55VG5d9CmV

Challenge_Tour: ✅ Irish star ✅ Sponsor's player ✅ One back @leona_maguire is well-placed heading into the weekend… https://t.co/0bQdrT18jQ

EuropeanTour: 18 holes, 18 pars ✍🏻 @oliverfisher_59 #CzechMasters https://t.co/eehvTEP8tT